Trait Theory

A Trait is a distinguishing quality or a particular characteristic that can produce a particular type of behaviour. The Trait Theory is the measurement of consistent patterns of habit in an individual's behaviour, thoughts, and emotions that is an approach to the study of human personality. The research on leadership is based on the psychological focus of people having inherited characteristics or traits, and to become a great leader the traits (cooperative, energetic, persistent, self-confident, etc) and skills (intelligent clever, creative, fluent in speaking, administrative ability, etc.) as the critical.

Oil Prices May Have Reached A Bottom (18 November 2018): Last Friday, oil prices fell for the 10th consecutive day. According to CNBC, this marked the longest losing streak for crude oil in 34 years. I have covered the factors behind this drop in the previous two articles. To recap, the loss of China as an export market for U.S. oil producers has caused crude inventories in the U.S. to swell, and the Trump Administration’s weakening of imminent sanctions on Iran have both been large factors in the decline. (Source: Oil Price)