Mission Statement

In our life, we have many miscommunication experiences because of understanding differences in interest. We do miscommunicate more often than communicate accurately. Even simple discussions or written documents for well-known subjects in the same language, it is not easy to reach agreement with each other. 

Recently, energy and chemical projects are getting bigger and more complex, and multi-international partnership is essential and increasing. Every Project is unique, different timing, objectives, key members, and environments. 

Project members well understand and recognize the importance of communication is to achieve the successful businesses and projects. One of the key success factors for effective communication will be using the same definition of words and languages. 

The Definition of the project languages are different from companies as well as individuals. We believe that the unified definition of the project languages in global will help to achieve the successful project execution and be the win-win strategy for companies and individuals.

The best communication is a face to face with drawing, but worst communication is detailed documents. Concise and clear definition of the project terminologies through instant message will help improving of your project execution capabilities and to lead the successful project completion.

We are going to develop the Project Definitions based on our project experiences and knowledge with the Project Language, and share with you daily basis.

Participation and Contribution

You could pass on your valuable knowledge, experiences and insight to our future. Your contribution can be signified understanding of real things and it can affect behaviour, a decision, or an outcome, and can lead to an increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty in our future life.