Best timing for the Construction Team Mobilisation?

A Construction Management is for the maximize construction efficiency and minimise interferences with other activities at the site, control and manage the construction activities with construction document and materials to be delivered to the site as per the construction sequence. The Construction Management team to develop the optimum level (number) of construction labour mobilisation plan and minimisation of additional site works (e.g. re-do, presevation works etc.) by the quality and schedule control and management. Construction team mobilize in the beginning of the project for home office construction activities including development of construction execution plan (e.g. temporary facility planning and subcontracting plan) and constructability studies. Construction team mobilize at the site when the construction drawings and materials support to the site works and activities continuously without serious interference with engineering and procurement work, approximately 60% of engineering progress is achieved.

Construction team organisation (site organization) consist of site administration, field controls, field engineering, field material control, construction (construction subcontractor management), safety (site), quality (quality control inspection), pre-commissioning team and hand-over tam. The size of construction team and functions of construction sub-team is depend on the size of construction work volume, and contractual requirement including difficulties of site activities.

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