Emergency Relief Device

An Emergency Relief Device is a device that is designed to open during emergency or abnormal conditions to prevent rise of internal fluid pressure in excess of a specified value. The device also may be designed to prevent excessive internal vacuum. The device may be a pressure relief valve, a non-reclosing pressure relief device, or a vacuum relief valve. (Source: www.aiche.org/ccps/)

BP Energy Outlook 2018 - gas demand increase through switching (20 February 2018): Natural gas grows strongly, supported by broad-based demand, strong increases in low-cost supplies, and continuing expansion of supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) increasing the availability of gas globally.  Global LNG supplies more than double over the Outlook, with around 40% of that expansion occurring over the next five years. The sustained growth in global LNG supplies greatly increases the availability of gas around the world, with LNG volumes overtaking inter-regional pipeline shipments in the early 2020s. (Source: Gas Processing)