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What is IGU (International Gas Union)? As per today, IGU has 91 Charter members, 10 Premium Associate Members and 52 Associate members in 91 countries.

2017 World LNG Report

2016 Global LNG trade jumps 5% to set new record for third consecutive year, as LNG comes to the fore as a fuel of choice. Barcelona/Tokyo, 5 April 2017 - The International Gas Union (IGU) today released its 2017 World LNG Report, examining the current state of the Global LNG Industry. The latest report highlights the dynamic 2016 experienced by the global LNG industry – with significant growth in LNG supply projects, as well as increases in demand for LNG as a fuel from new and existing markets across the globe.

IGU Releases 2017 World LNG Report

2016 World LNG Report: A Global Industry Ready for Significant Growth
Perth/Oslo, 12 April 2016 - The International Gas Union (IGU) today released its 2016 World LNG Report, which demonstrates how the global LNG industry is poised for growth and plays a key role in expanding access to natural gas in the world’s future energy mix. Natural gas is a vital energy resource that can lead to a lower carbon future, cleaner air in metropolitan areas, and a prosperous economic future.

IGU Newsletter - December 2016:
IGU Reaction to the IEA World Energy Outlook 2016: The IGU urges policymakers to set clear strategies and policies that support the expanded role of natural gas in the energy mix as they look to achieve a sustainable energy future. David Carroll, President of the IGU commented: "The latest WEO 2016 clearly outlines the strong case for natural gas. Any sustainable and affordable energy mix that addresses the continued growth in global energy needs and efforts to mitigate climate change has to include natural gas. Natural gas can improve air quality in our cities, enable renewable energies and a smooth transition to a lower carbon economy.”

IGU Newsletter - November 2016:

IGU Newsletter - October 2016:

Urban Air Quality - new WHO report released - At COP 21 in Paris, the IGU issued the report Urban Air Quality to bring attention and focus on one of the most urgent environmental issues that we are facing. The IGU will be releasing the 2nd Edition of that report at COP 22 Marrakesh in November. Read the WHO report here

IGU Newsletter - September 2016

IGU Newsletter - July 2016