Key Words for Successful Project Execution

  1. Well-developed the Project Definitions: clearly defined scope of works and contractual obligations and responsibilities.
  2. Project Baseline: develop the project baselines (contract terms and conditions, schedule, cost, risk and execution plan) and align with all team members (internal/ external organization).
  3. Team Work: consensus project goals and objectives, establish open mind communication culture for effective communication, build up a unified team and engage team members for synergy. Understand and deliver client’s requirement/ expectation. Trust each other. Timely share project information.
  4. Common Goals: Goals are realistic, achievable and measurable, and aligned company business objectives. Share benefits.
  5. Early and right assignment of key personnel: delegate strong commitment for project organization, right person right position based on experience and knowledge as well as project requirement.
  6. Utilize advanced project management tools and systems: provide an accurate report to support developing a corrective action plan and making a timely decision.
  7. Identify project critical paths, activities, project risks and uncertainties.
  8. Improve forecasting and maintain contingency and back-up tolerance.
  9. Early adopt Lessons Learned and Best Practices, and incorporate into the project plan and procedures. Early perform studies, reviews and survey activities.

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