Make out your day and see the moon in the sky.
Interfere with tree branches you can only see the partial moon.
Turn your head and eyes from side to side and back and forth to look the moon through the branches.
Between branches and leaves, you can see the clear moon through the small space.
Hold and see the moon in an uncomfortable status.
Branches and leaves shaken by the wind hides the moon.
The moon move into the branches and leaves shortly.
It can be overcome to things by moving head and eyes continuously to look the clear moon with the getting worse postures.

Stand up from the under trees and try to move to widespread spaces.
The moon glows shiny all over the sky.
Beautify the world eternally.
The moonlight hugs quietly to present for your daily lives.
Even the wind blows shaking the tree branches and leaves, and the moon moves.
You will see the clear and full moon.
The clear moon shape is seeing the hope of tomorrow.
Don’t try to turn your head and eyes only,
Change fundamental things.
We need the wisdom to see the future.

2015. 04. 29.
Worcester Park.