Document Review and Approval

A. Document Review and Approval Work Process

B. Definitions

A Document is a written information and used for an instruction, communication and record. A type of document is a plan, procedure, contract, specification, report, manual, calculation, drawing, diagram, list and engineering document, etc.

A Document Distribution Matrix is a systematic organised matrix for the document and drawings to be distributed to related person or organisation for their information, review and approval, record, and use for further actions. The Document Distribution Matrix includes lists of key project positions or organisations on one side and types of documents on the other.

A Document Review and Approval is a project design and engineering work process in the development of project deliverables, document and drawings. Following initial document development and the necessary internal check and review processes to ensure adequate quality it will be released for external review ultimately leading to its approval. Part of the internal checks includes proper documentation of required design and controlling steps, assurance of critical safety and alignment with operating requirements, project specifications whilst ensuring that contract, client and regulatory requirements are satisfied.

A Document Review and Approval Procedure is a project document quality management work process ensuring that there is an adequate review or approval of project deliverables which are successfully completed before beginning subsequent work.

An Information is a fact of situation, person, event, work or data developed on paper, electronic, audio, video by word, table, drawing or document which knowledge and data can be signified understanding of real things or abstract concepts. Information is valuable because it can affect behaviour, a decision, or an outcome, and lead to an increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty.

An Information Classification is all company information and all information entrusted to company from other parties for the project can be classified by information sensitivity in business as: unclassified public information; client confidential information; company confidential information; proprietary information.

A Drawing is a graphical illustration document to explain and demonstrate the final shapes with dimensions created based on the project specifications and procedures, and used for design basis drawings (flow diagrams, one-line diagrams, etc.), manufacturing, fabrication and installation and construction. Type of drawings are sketch, two-dimensional CAD, three-dimensional CAD and three-dimension model drawing. They are also used for cost and quantity estimate work.

An Approval is 1) an act of endorsing or adding positive authorisation, acceptance or agreement, or official permission for something; 2) an agreement or consensus on an activity or output comparing with baselines or contractual requirements by an approver to proceed a next step of activity, or work defined in project plans and procedures (Project Execution Plan (PEP) and Document Review and Approval Procedure.

A Review is an activity of ​considering something again in ​order to make ​a suitable, adequate, effective, and efficient way of achieving established objectives.

A Document Review and Approval Category is defined by the importance of document and information that is for information, for review, for approval, and for record. There are: IFR (Issued for Review), IFA (Issued for Approval), IFD (Issued for Design), FCR (Issued for Client Review), FCA (Issued for Client Approval), AFD (Approved for Design), and IFC (Issued for Construction) or AFC (Approved for Construction) aligning with the work processes completed

An Issued for Information (IFI) means that drawings or documents are issued for information only. (e.g. Progress Status Reports, Detailed Calculations, etc.)

An Issued for Review (IFR) means that drawings or documents are Issued for internal or external Review (IFR) or Client Review (FCR). (e.g. Project non-critical Document, etc.)

An Issued for Approval (IFA) means that documents or drawings are issued for client or delegated authorised person/ organisation to review and approval to use of them for further developments or activities. (e.g. Project Critical Document including P&ID, Plot Plan, etc.)

An Issued for Design (IFD) means that drawings or documents are issued for further development of design or used for other disciplines' design.

An Approved for Design (AFD) means that drawings or documents are reviewed and approved by a dedicated and authorised person or organization for use, mainly further design development, and procurement.

An Issued for Construction (IFC) is drawings and documents which are categorized as the review, and Issued for Construction. (Refer to an Approved for Construction (AFC))

An Approved for Constriction (AFC) means that drawings and documents are reviewed and approved by authorities of internal and external organisations including the client team members of the construction. A Construction team must use only AFC marked or stamped drawings and document for the construction works and activities.

An Issued for HAZOP (IFH) means that drawings (P&IDs) and documents are issued for the HAZOP review.

A FCA stands for Issued for Client Approval

A FCR stands for Issued for Client Review

A Document Review and Approval Cycle is a period of time frame including a preparation or development, or update of document in accordance with the document list (deliverable list), a review and approval work process including a specified review meeting, and update and re-issue.

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