AACE   Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering   Institute
ABO   Accumulated Benefit Obligation    Business
ABV   Alcohol by Volume   General
AC   Actual Cost   Controls
ACC   American Chemistry Council    Institute
ACGIH   American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists   Institute
ACI   American Concrete Institute   Institute
ACS   Automation Control Systems   Engineering
ACWP   Actual Cost of Work Performed    Controls
ADB   Asian Development Bank   Institute
AE   Acoustic Emission Testing   Quality
AFC   Approved for Construction   Construction
AFC   Air Fin Cooler    Engineering
AFD   Approved for Design   Engineering
AFP   Active Fire Protection System   HSE
AFPM   American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers   Institute
AFTA   ASEAN Free Trade Area   Institute
AI   Avian Influenza   HSE
AI   Artificial Intelligence   Technology
AIC   Amperage Interrupt Capability   Business
AICE   Association of Iron and Steel Engineers   Institute
AICHE   American Institute of Chemical Engineers   Institute
AIM   Asset Integrity Management    Management
AIME   American Institute of Mining Engineers   Institute
AISC   The American Institute of Steel Construction   Institute
AISI   American Iron and Steel Institute   Institute
AIST   Association for Iron and Steel Technology   Institute
ALARP   As Low As Reasonably Practicable   Management
AMS   Automated Manifest System   Business
amu   Atomic Mass Unit   Technology
ANGA   America's Natural Gas Alliance   Institute
ANSI   American National Standards Institute   Institute
AOD   Air Operated Diaphragm Pump   Engineering
AP   Actual Progress   Controls
AP   Advance Payment   Controls
APEC   Asia-Pacific Economie Cooperation   Institute
API   American Petroleum Institute   Institute
APM   Advanced Project Management   Management
APO   Asian Productivity Organization   Institute
ARFVTP   California Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program   Technology
ASCE   American Society of Civil Engineers   Institute
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information Interchange   Institute
ASEAN    Association of Southeast Asian Nations   Business
ASHRAE   American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Institute
ASME   American Society for Testing and Materials   Institute
ASNT   The American Society for Nondestructive Testing   Institute
ASTM   American Society for Testing and Materials   Institute
ATSDR   Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry   Institute
AWB   Air Waybill    Procurement
B/A   Banker's Acceptances    Business
B2B   Business to Business   Business
B2C   Business to Consumer   Business
BAC   Budget at Completion    Controls
BAC   Blood Alcohol Concentration   General
BAT   Best Available Techniques   Engineering
BCWP   Budgeted Cost for Work Performed    Controls
BCWS   Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled   Controls
BD   Block Diagram    Engineering
BDV   Blowdown Valve   Engineering
BEDD   Basis of Engineering and Design Data   Engineering
BEDQ   Basis of Engineering and Design Questionnaire   Engineering
BEELs   Biological Environmental Exposure Levels   HSE
BFD   Block Flow Diagram   Engineering
BHP   Brake Horsepower   Engineering
BIM   Bilateral Monopoly   Engineering
BIPM   International Bureau of Weights and Measures   Institute
BIS   Bank for International Settlements    Business
BLEVE   Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion   Technology
BLM   Building Lifecycle Management   Management
BM, BOM   Bill of Material   Engineering
BMI   Body Mass Index   HSE
BMS   Burner Management System   Engineering
BOD   Biological Oxygen Demand    Engineering
BOEM   Bureau Ocean Energy Management   Institute
BOP   Blowout Preventer    Engineering
BOQ or BQ   Bill of Quantity   Procurement
BPCD   Barrel Per Calendar Day   Operation
BPCS   Basic Process Control System   Engineering
BPED   Bipolar Electrodialysis   Engineering
BPSD   Barrel Per Stream Day   Operation
BRV   Body Relief Valve   HSE
BS&W   Bottom Sediment and Water   Technology
BSI   British Standards Institution   Institute
BTU   British Thermal Unit   Engineering
BTX   Benzene, Toluene and Xylene   Engineering
BWR   Boiling Water Reactor   Engineering
C&F   Cost and Freight   Procurement
CAB   Chemical Activity Barometer    Business
CAD   Computer-Aided Design   Engineering
CAFM   Computer-Aided Facility Management   Engineering
CAPA   Corrective Action/ Preventive Action   Quality
CAPEX   Capital Expenditure   Controls
CBB   Contract Budget Base   Controls
CBE   Commercial Bid Evaluation   Procurement
CBI   Condition Based Inspection   Operation
CBM   Coal Bed Methane    Engineering
CBS   Cost Breakdown Structure   Controls
CCA   Civil Contingencies Act   Business
CCC   Care, Custody, and Control    Construction
CCC   Customer Contact Centre   Business
CCF   Common Cause Failure    HSE
CCHP   Combined Cooling, Heat and Power   Technology
CCPS   Center for Chemical Process Safety   HSE
CCS   Carbon Capture and Storage   Engineering
CD   Certificate of Deposit   Business
CDC   Centres for Disease Control and Prevention   HSE
CDI   Capacitive Deionization   Technology
CDU   Crude Distillation Unit    Engineering
CES   Consumer Electronics Show   Business
CETA   Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement    Business
CFC   Chlorofluorocarbon   Engineering
CFD   Contract for Difference   Management
CGPM   General Conference on Weights and Measures   Institute
CHOPS   Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand    HSE
CHP   Combined Heat and Power Plant   Technology
CID   Capital Investment Decision   Business
CIF   Cost, Insurance, and Freight   Procurement
CII   Construction Industry Institute   Institute
CIM   The Chartered Institute of Marketing   Institute
CIPM   International Committee for Weights and Measures    Institute
CIPS   Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply   Institute
CIS   Commonwealth of Independent States   Business
CLSCC   Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking   Technology
CME   Chicago Mercantile Exchange   Business
CMMS   Computerized Maintenance Management Systems   Operation
CNC   Computer Numerical Control   Technology
CNG   Compressed Natural Gas   Engineering
CO   Change Order   Management
COBIT   Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology    Engineering
COD   Chemical Oxygen Demand    Engineering
COF   Consequence of Failure   Management
COG   Centre of Gravity   Engineering
COMAH   Control of Major Accident Hazards    HSE
COPQ   Cost of Poor Quality   Quality
CPAF   Cost Plus Award Fee   Management
CPFF   Cost Plus Fixed Fee   Management
CPI   Consumer Price Index   Business
CPI   Corrugated Plate Interceptor   Engineering
CPI   Cost Performance Index    Controls
CPIF   Cost Plus Incentive Fee   Management
CPM   Critical Path Method   Management
CPQRA   Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Assessment   Management
CPQRA   Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis   Management
CPU   Central Processing Unit   Engineering
CPV   Concentrated PV    Technology
CRM   Client Relationship Management   Management
CRO   Contract Research Organization   Management
CRP   Conservation Reserve Program    Management
CRT   Cargo Retention Clauses   Procurement
CSA   Civil, Structural and Architectural (Engineering Discipline)   Engineering
CSI   Control System and Instrumentation (Engineering Discipline)   Engineering
CSP   Concentrated Solar Power   Engineering
CSR   Corporate Social Responsibility   Management
CSS   Cascading Style Sheets   Technology
CSTR   Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor   Engineering
CTD   Cumulative Trauma Disorder   HSE
CV   Cost Variation    Management
CV   Curriculum Vitae   General
CVD   Chemical Vapor Deposition   Technology
CWQC   Company-Wide Quality Control   Quality
D&D   Deactivation and Decommissioning   Operation
D/D   Door To Door   Procurement
DAQ   Data Acquisition System   Engineering
DBI   Design Basis Incident   Engineering
DC   Direct Current   Engineering
DCE   Data Communication Equipment    Engineering
DCF   Discounted Cash Flow   Controls
DCS   Distributed Control System   Engineering
DDC   Direct Digital Control   Engineering
DDoS   Distributed Denial of Service   Technology
DDR   Disaster Risk Reduction   Management
DDT   Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane   Technology
DECC   Department of Energy & Climate Change   Institute
DER   Distributed Energy Resources   Technology
Df   Discount Factor   Business
DFC   Direct Field Costs   Controls
DHA   Dust Hazard Analysis    HSE
DJIA   Dow Jones Industrial Average   Business
DN   Nominal Diameter   Engineering
DNA   Deoxyribonucleic Acid   Technology
DOE   Department of Energy’s   Institute
DoS   Denial of Service   Technology
DOS   Disk Operating System   Technology
DOT   Department of Transportation   Institute
DSR   Debt Service Ratio   Business
DWT   Deadweight   Procurement
EA   Estimate Actual    Controls
EAC   Estimate at Completion    Controls
EAM   Enterprise Asset Management   Management
EAR   Erection All Risk (Insurance)   Management
EBIT   Earnings Before Interest and Taxes   Controls
EBITDA   Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization Controls
ECB   European Central Bank   Institute
ECHA   European Chemicals Agency   Institute
ECTS   Emergency Congestion Terminal Surcharge    Procurement
EDI   Electrodeionization   Technology
EDI   Electrodialysis   Technology
EDMS   Electronic Document Management System   Management
EEA   European Environment Agency   Institute
EEPG   Emergency Exposure Guideline Limits   HSE
EER   Energy Efficiency Ratio    Technology
EERA   Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Assessment   HSE
EEZ   Exclusive Economic Zone   Business
EF   Energy Factor   Engineering
EFW   Electric Fusion Welded (Pipe)   Engineering
EI   Energy Institute   Institute
EIA   Environmental Impact Assessment    Engineering
EIA   Energy Information Administration   Institute
EIC   Energy Industries Council   Institute
EM   Office of Environmental Management    Institute
EMF   Electromotive Force   Engineering
EMI   Electromagnetic Interference   Technology
EMP   Electromagnetic Pulse    Technology
ENVID   Environmental Identification   Engineering
EP   Engineering and Procurement   Management
EPA   US Environmental Protection Agency   Institute
EPC   Engineering, Procurement, Construction   Management
EPCI   Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation   Management
EPCM   Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management   Management
EPS   Earnings per Share   Controls
ERP   Emergency Response Plan   HSE
ERW   Electric Resistance Welded (Pipe)   Engineering
ESD   Emergency Shutdown   HSE
ESDV   Emergency Shut Down Valve   Engineering
ESMCP   Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme   HSE
ESN   Emergency Services Network   HSE
ESSA   Emergency Systems Survivability Analysis   HSE
ET   Electric Tracing   Engineering
ET   Electromagnetic Testing    Quality
ETA   Estimated Time of Arrival   Construction
ETAP   Electrical Transient and Analysis Program   Engineering
ETBE   Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether   Technology
ETC   Estimate to Complete   Controls
EU   The European Union   Institute
EULA   End-User License Agreement   Business
EURIBOR   Euro Interbank Offered Rate   Business
EV   Earned Value   Controls
EV   Electric Vehicle   General
EVM   Earned Value Management    Management
EVM   Ethereum Virtual Machine   Business
EVMS   Earned Value Management System   Management
F&G, FGG   Fire and Gas   Engineering
FA   Final Acceptance   Management
FAC   Final Acceptance Certificate    Management
FAFR   Fatal Accident Frequency Rate   HSE
FAO   Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations   Institute
FAR   Fatal Accident Rate   HSE
FAT   Factory Acceptance Test   Quality
FBC   Fluidized Bed Combustion   Engineering
FBR   Fast Breeder Reactor   Technology
FC&S   Free of Capture and Seizure   Procurement
FCA   Issued for Client Approval   Engineering
FCA   Financial Conduct Authority   Institute
FCC   Fluid Catalytic Cracking   Engineering
FCR   Issued for Client Review   Engineering
FDIC   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation   Institute
FDS   Functional Design Specification   Engineering
FEE   Front End Engineering   Engineering
FEED   Front End Engineering Design   Engineering
FEL   Front End Loading   Engineering
FEMP   Federal Energy Management Program   Institute
FERA   Fire and Explosion Hazards Analysis   HSE
FERC   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission   Institute
FF   Finish to Finish   Controls
FHRS   Food Hygiene Rating Scheme   HSE
FID   Final Investment Decision   Business
FIFO   First In First Out   General
FinTech   Financial Technology   Business
FLNG   Floating Liquefied Natural Gas   Technology
FLPS   Floating LNG Power Station   Procurement
FMCG   Fast Moving Consumer Goods   Business
FMD   Foot and Mouth Disease   HSE
FMEA   Failure Modes and Effects Analysis    Operation
FMECA   Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis   Operation
FOB   Forward Osmosis   Engineering
FOB   Free on Board   Procurement
FPS   Foot, Pound, and Second   Engineering
FPSO   Floating Production, Storage and Offloading   Engineering
FRP   Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics   Engineering
FS   Finish to Start   Controls
FSRU   Floating Storage and Regasification Unit   Engineering
FTA   Fault Tree Analysis   Management
FTA   Free-Trade Agreement   Business
FTC   Function Test Check   Quality
FTP   File Transfer Protocol   Technology
GAAP   General Accepted Accounting Principles   Business
GATT   General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade    Institute
GCC   Gulf Cooperation Council   Institute
GDP   Gross Domestic Product   Business
GDSI   Gas Dispersion and Smoke Ingress Analysis   HSE
GIP   Good Industry Practice    Management
GIS   Global Industry Services   Institute
GIS   Geographical Information System   Technology
GM   Genetic Modification   HSE
G-Max   Guaranteed Maximum (Contract)   Controls
GMO   Genetically Modified Organism   HSE
GMP   Cost Plus with Guaranteed Maximum Price (Contract)   Management
GNI   Gross National Income   Business
GNP   Gross National Product   General
GOG   Gas-on-Gas Competition    Business
GPA   Gas Processors Association   Institute
GPR   Ground Penetrating Radar   Quality
GRE   Glass Reinforced Epoxy   Engineering
GRP   Glass Reinforced Plastics   Engineering
GSI   Global Standards Initiative   Institute
GW   Guided Wave Testing   Quality
H&MB   Heat and Material Balance   Engineering
HAZID   Hazard Identification   HSE
HAZOP   Hazardous Operability   HSE
HDL   High Density Lipoprotein   HSE
HELE   High Efficiency, Low Emissions   HSE
HESIA   Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment   HSE
HEV   Hybrid Electric Vehicle   Technology
HF   Hydrofluoric Acid   Technology
HF   Hydrogen Fluoride   Technology
HFMD   Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease    HSE
HGO   Heavy Gas Oil   Technology
HHS   Department of Health & Human Services   HSE
HIC   Heat Index    HSE
HIC   Hydrogen Induced Cracking   Engineering
HIRA   Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis    HSE
HIV   Human Immunodeficiency Virus   HSE
HMI   Human Machine Interface   Engineering
HOU   Heavy Oil Upgrading   Engineering
HP   Horsepower   Engineering
HQ   Headquarter   General
HR   Human Resource   Management
HRA   Human Reliability Analysis    Management
HRM   Human Resource Management   Management
HRQOL   Health Related Quality of Life   HSE
HS Code   Harmonized System or Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System   Business
HSE, SHE, ESH Health, Safety and Environmental   HSE
HSPF   Heating Seasonal Performance Factor   Technology
HSSE   Health, Safety, Security and Environment   HSE
HTML   HyperText Markup Language   Technology
HVAC   Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning   Engineering
HVGO   Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil   Technology
I/O   In/ Out (Instrument List)   Engineering
IAI   Istituto Affari Internazionali (Italy)   Institute
IAI   Istituto Affari Internazionali   Institute
IATA   International Air Transportation Association   Institute
IAU   International Astronomical Union   Institute
IBAN   International Bank Account Number   Business
ICA   International Compliance Association   Institute
ICC   International Chamber of Commerce   Institute
ICE   Intercontinental Exchange   Institute
ICO   Information Commissioner's Office   Institute
ICS   Industrial Control System   Engineering
ICSID   International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes   Institute
ICT   Information and Communication Technology   Management
ID   Inside Diameter   Engineering
ID   Identification    General
IEA   International Energy Agency   Engineering
IEC   International Electrotechnical Commission   Engineering
IED   Improvised Explosive Device   Engineering
IEEE   Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers   Institute
IEF   International Energy Forum   Institute
IET   Institution of Engineering and Technology   Institute
IFA   Issued for Approval   Engineering
IFAC   International Federation of Accountants    Institute
IFC   Issued for Construction   Construction
IFC   Indirect Field Cost   Controls
IFC   International Finance Corporation   Business
IFD   Issued for Design   Engineering
IFH   Issued for HAZOP   Engineering
IFI   Issued for Information   Engineering
IFR   Issued for Review   Engineering
IFRC   The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies   Institute
IGC Code   International Code of the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk   Engineering
IGCC   Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle   Technology
IGU   International Gas Union   Institute
IHCP   Institute for Health and Consumer Protection    Institute
IHMC   Institute for Human & Machine Cognition   Institute
IHR   Institute of Historical Research   Institute
IM   Information Management   Management
IMF   International Monetary Fund   Institute
IMO   The International Maritime Organization   Institute
INGAA   Interstate Natural Gas Association of America   Institute
IOC   International Olympic Committee   Institute
IOC   International Oil Company   Institute
IOI   Indication of Interest   Business
IoT   Internet of things   Technology
IOY   I owe you   General
IP   Intellectual Property   General
IP   Internet Protocol (Address)   Technology
IPCC   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change   Institute
IPIECA   International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association   Institute
IPM   Intelligent Power Management   Management
IPO   Initial Public Offering   Management
IR   Thermal/Infrared Testing   Quality
IR   Infrared Radiation   Quality
IRCA   International Register of Certificated Auditors   Quality
IRENA   The International Renewable Energy Agency   Institute
IRR   Internal Rate of Return   Business
IRT   Item Response Theory    Management
ISA   Intrinsic Safe   HSE
ISA   International Society of Automation   Engineering
ISACA   Information Systems Audit and Control Association   Institute
ISDS   Investor-State Dispute Settlement   Institute
ISI   International Statistical Institute   Institute
ISIN   International Securities Identification Number   Institute
ISM   Institue for Supply Management   Procurement
ISO   International Organisation for Standardisation   Institute
Iso   Isometric (Drawing)   Engineering
IT   Information Technology   Engineering
ITB   Invitation to Bid   Procurement
ITC   Inspection/ Test Check   Quality
ITO   International Trade Organization   Institute
ITP   Inspection and Test Plan   Quality
ITPM   Inspection, Testing, and Preventive Maintenance   Quality
ITT   Invitation to Tender   Procurement
ITU   International Telecommunication Union   Institute
IUCN   International Union for Conservation of Nature   HSE
IUPAC   International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry   Institute
IVI   In-Vehicle Infotainment   Technology
JRC   Joint Research Centre   Technology
JV   Joint Venture (Company)   Business
K/O   Kick-Off (Meeting)   Management
KFS   Key Factor for Success   Management
KM   Knowledge Management   Management
KPI   Key Performance Indicator   Management
KSAs   Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities   Management
KTT   Kinetic Tree Theory   Management
L/C   Letter of Credit   Procurement
LASH   Lighter Aboard Ship   Procurement
LCA   Life Cycle Assessment   HSE
LCA   Lethal Concentration   HSE
LCCA   Life Cycle Cost Analysis   Management
LDL   Low Density Lipoprotein   HSE
LET   Linear Energy Transfer   Technology
LEU   Low Enriched Uranium   Technology
LIGO   Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory   Engineering
LILO   Liner In / Liner Out   Procurement
LL   Lessons Learned   Management
LM   Laser Testing Methods   Quality
LMC   Liquid Metal Cracking   Technology
LNG   Liquefied Natural Gas   Engineering
LO/LO   Lift On/ Lift Off   Procurement
LOC   Limiting Oxidant Concentration    Technology
LOI   Letter of Intent   Procurement
LOI   Letter of Indemnity   Business
LOLP   Loss of Load Probability   HSE
LOPA   Layers of Protection Analysis   Operation
LPG   Liquefied Petroleum Gas   Technology
LRG   Liquefied Refinery Gases   Technology
LSC   LIGO Scientific Collaboration    Institute
LSTK   Lump Sum Turnkey (Contract)   Management
LTA   Long Term Agreement (Contract)   Management
LTI   Loss Time Injury   HSE
LTIFR   Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate   HSE
LTIIR   Lost Time Injury Incidence Rate   HSE
LVC   Low Voltage Cutoff   Technology
M&A   Mergers and Acquisitions   Business
M/C   Mechanical Completion   Construction
M2M   Machine to Machine   Business
MAC   Main Automation Contractor   Engineering
MAC   Maximum Allowable Concentration   Technology
MAWP   Maximum Allowable Working Pressure   Engineering
MCC   Mechanical Completion Certificate   Management
MDI   Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate   Technology
MEC   Main Electrical Contractor   Engineering
MERS   Middle East Respiratory Syndrome   HSE
MFD   Mass Flow Diagram   Engineering
MFL   Magnetic Flux Leakage   Quality
MIS   Management Information System   Management
MKS   Metre, Kilogramme, and Second (Unit)   Engineering
MMAS   Material Management and Accounting System    Management
MMI   Man Machine Interface   Engineering
MMI   Man Machine Interface   Engineering
MNDT   Microwave Nondestructive Testing   Quality
MOM   Minutes of Meeting (Notes)   Management
MPC   Maximum Permissible Concentration   Engineering
MR   Material Requisition   Procurement
MR   Management Reserve   Management
MRC   Material Related Cost    Procurement
MRI   Magnetic Resonance Imaging   Technology
MRS   Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy   Technology
MSD   Material Selection Diagram   Engineering
MSDS   Material Safety Data Sheet   HSE
MSL   Mean Sea Level    Engineering
MT/ MPT   Magnetic Particle Testing    Quality
MTBE   Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether   Technology
MTC   Medical Treatment Case   HSE
MTI   Medical Treatment Injuries   HSE
MTO   Material Take-Off   Engineering
NACE   National Association of Corrosion Engineers   Institute
NAFTA   North American Free Trade Agreement   Institute
NB   Nominal Bore   Engineering
NC   Non-conformance   Construction
NCEI   National Centers for Environmental Information   HSE
NDA   Non Disclosure Agreement   General
NDA   Nuclear Decommissioning Authority   Institute
NDE   Non Destructive Examination   Quality
NDT   Non Destructive Test   Quality
NEC   National Electric Code   Institute
NEI   Neclear Energy Institute   Institute
NEMA   National Electrical Manufacturers Association   Institute
NET   Netback from Final Product   Engineering
NFPA   The National Fire Protection Association   Institute
NGL   Natural Gas Liquid   Technology
NGNG   No guts no glory   Technology
NGO   Non-Governmental Organization   General
NGSA   Natural Gas Supply Association   Institute
NGVD   National Geodetic Vertical Datum   HSE
NHV   Net (Lower) Heating Value    Technology
NIA   Nuclear Industry Association   Institute
NIST   National Institute of Standards and Technology   Institute
NNI   Net National Income   Business
NOAA   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration    Institute
NOC   National Oil Company   Institute
NP   No Price   Business
NPP   Nuclear Power Plant    Engineering
NPS   Nominal Pipe Size   Engineering
NPSH   Net Positive Suction Head   Engineering
NPT   National Pipe Thread   Engineering
NPV   Net Present Value   Business
NR   Neutron Radiographic Testing   Quality
NRC   Nuclear Regulatory Commission   Technology
NRECA   National Rural Electric Cooperative Association    Institute
NT   Net Tonnage   Technology
NTE   Not to Exceed (Contract)   Management
NYMEX   New York Mercantile Exchange   Institute
NYSE   New York Stock Exchange   Institute
OBS   Organization Breakdown Structure   Management
OD   Outside Diameter   Engineering
OECD   Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development   Institute
OEM   Original Equipment Manufacturer   Procurement
OGLV   Operating Gas Lift Valve    Technology
OIS   Office Information System   Management
OOA   Object Oriented Approach   Management
OOA   Object‐Oriented Analysis   Management
OOP   Object Oriented Programming   Management
OPE   Oil Price Escalation   Business
OPEC   Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries   Institute
OPEX   Operational Expenditure   Business
OPRG   Oxygenated Fuels Program Reformulated   Technology
ORB   OPEC Reference Basket   Institute
OS&D   Overage, Shortage and Damage   Construction
OSHA   Occupational Safety and Health Administration   Institute
OTB   Over Target Baseline    Management
OTC   Open, Transparent, Connected (Markets)   Business
OTEC   Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion    HSE
OTS   Operator Training Simulator   Engineering
OTS   Over Target Schedule    Management
OVHD   Overhead (Cost)   Controls
OWS   Oily Water System   Engineering
P&I Clubs   Protection and Indemnity Club   Business
P&ID   Piping & Instrument Diagram   Engineering
PA   Provisional Acceptance   Management
PAB   Pre-Assembled Building   Engineering
PAC   Programmable Automation Controller   Engineering
PAC   Provisional Acceptance Certificate    Management
PADD   Petroleum Administration for Defense District   Institute
PAH   Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon   Technology
PAR   Pre-Assembled Rack (Pipe Rack)   Engineering
PAU   Pre-Assembled Unit (Process or Utility Facility)   Engineering
PBO   Projected Benefit Obligation    Business
PCS   Pre-commissioning   Construction
PCS   Process Control System   Engineering
PD   Project Director    General
PDH   Propane Dehydrogenation   Technology
PDP   Process Design Package   Engineering
PDRI   Project Definition Rating Index   Management
PE   Professional Engineer   General
PED   Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC)   Institute
PEP   Project Execution Procedure   Management
PERT   Program Evaluation Review Technique   Controls
PES   Programmable Electronic System   Engineering
PET   Polyester   Technology
PFD   Process Flow Diagram   Engineering
PFD   Portable Document Format   General
PFP   Passive Fire Protection System   HSE
PHA   Process Hazard Analysis   HSE
PHC   Project Health Check   Management
PHEIC   Public Health Emergencies of International Concern    Institute
PHEV   Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles    Technology
PHMSA   Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration   HSE
PHP   Hypertext Preprocessor   Technology
PI   Profitability Index   Management
PIM   Pre Inspection Meeting   Procurement
PLC   Programmable Logic Controller   Engineering
PLM   Product Lifecycle Management   Management
PM   Particulate Matter    Management
PM   Project Manager   General
PM   Preventative Maintenance   Operation
PMA   Federal Power Marketing Administrations    Institute
PMC   Project Management Consultant   Management
PMI   Purchasing Manager’s Index   Procurement
PMS   Power Management Solutions   Engineering
PO   Purchase Order   Procurement
POF   Probability of Failure    Management
POPs   Persistent Organic Pollutants   HSE
PPE   Personal Protection Equipment   HSE
ppm   Parts per Million   Technology
PPs   Purchasing Power Parities   Procurement
PQ   Pre-Qualification   Procurement
PR   Public Relations   General
PRA   Prudential Regulation Authority   Institute
PRINCE2   PRojects IN Controlled Environments   Management
PS   Performance Standard   Quality
PSC   Production Sharing Contract   Management
PSDS   Product Safety Data Sheet   Engineering
PSI   Pounds per square Inch (Unit)   Engineering
PSI   Process Safety Information   HSE
PSM   Process Safety Management   Management
PSV   Pressure Relief Valve (or Pressure Safety Valve)   Engineering
PT   Liquid Penetrant Testing    Quality
PTFE   Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)   Technology
PV   Photovotaic   Engineering
PV   Present Value    Business
PWC   Preferential Weld Corrosion   Quality
PWHT   Post Weld Heat Treatment   Quality
PWM   Pulse Width Modulated   Technology
QA   Quality Assurance    Quality
QC   Quality Control    Quality
QE   Quantum Efficiency   Technology
QMS   Quality Management System   Quality
QOL   Quality of Life   Quality
QR Code   Quick Response Code   Quality
QRA   Quantitative Risk Assessment   HSE
R&A   Removal and Abandonment   Business
R&R   Role and Responsibility   Management
R.v   Regina versus   Management
RAM   Responsibility Assignment Matrix    Management
RAM   Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (Study)    Operation
RAS   Required At Site   Controls
RBC   Regulation: Below Cost   Engineering
RBI   Risk Based Inspection   Quality
RBOE   Reformulated Gasoline Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending   Technology
RC   Reinforced Concrete   Construction
RCA   Root Cause Analysis    Quality
RCEP   Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership   Institute
RCM   Reliability Centered Maintenance   Operation
RCS   Regulation: Cost of Service   Business
RFI   Radio Frequency Interference   Engineering
RFID   Radio Frequency Identification   HSE
RFSU   Ready for Start-up   Operation
RIT   Reaction Induction Time   Engineering
RMP   Risk Management Plan   Management
RMP   Risk Management Program   Management
RMS   Root Mean Square   General
RNA   Ribonucleic Acid   Technology
RO   Reverse Osmosis   Engineering
RO/RO    Roll-on/Roll-off   Procurement
ROI   Return On Investment   Business
ROM   Reliability Operability Maintenance    Operation
ROM   Rough Order of Magnitude (Estimate)   Controls
RP   Received Pronunciation (English)   General
RPE   Respiratory Protective Equipment   HSE
RSP   Regulation: Social and Political   Engineering
RT   Radiographic Testing    Quality
RTU   Remote Terminal Unit   Engineering
S.O.S   Save Our Ship, Save Our Souls, or Send Out Succour   General
SAP   SAP was German: System, Anwendungen, Product   Business
SAT   Site Acceptance Test   Quality
SATP   Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure   Engineering
SC   Supply Chain   Procurement
SCADA   Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition   Engineering
SCC   Stress Corrosion Cracking   Technology
SCES   Safety Critical Elements   HSE
SCM   Supply Chain Management   Procurement
SDS   Safety Data Sheet   HSE
SEIA   Solar Energy Industries Association    Technology
SERI   Solar Energy Research Institute   Technology
SF   Start to Finish   Controls
SFAIRP   So far as is Reasonably Practicable   General
SI   International System (Unit)   Engineering
SIF   Safety Instrumented Function   HSE
SIF   Safety Instrumented Functions   Engineering
SIH   Satellite Instrument House   Engineering
SIL   Safety Integrity Level   Engineering
SIMOPS   Simultaneous Operations   Operation
SIS   Safety Instrumented System   Engineering
SIS   Safety Instrumented System   Engineering
SLD   Single Line Diagram    Engineering
SMEs   Small and Medium-sized Enterprises   Business
SMES   Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage   Technology
SMES   Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage   Technology
SN   Satellite Navigation   Technology
SNF   Spent Nuclear Fuel   Technology
SNG   Synthetic Natural Gas   Technology
SNS   Social Networking Service   General
SOC   Standard Occupational Classification System   General
SOC   State of Charge   Business
SOF   Scope of Facility   Management
SOP   Standard Operation Procedure   Operation
SOS   Scope of Service   Management
SOW   Scope of Work   Management
SPC   Statistical Process Control   Quality
SPE   Society of Petroleum Engineers    Institute
SPMT   Self-Propelled Modular Transporter   Procurement
SPS   Satellite Power System   Technology
SQC   Statistical Quality Control   Quality
SR&CC   Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions   Procurement
SS   Start to Start   Controls
SSC   Sulfide Stress Cracking   Technology
SSS   Securities Settlement System   HSE
STC   Standard Test Conditions   Engineering
STEM    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics   General
STL   STereoLithography or Standard Triangle Language   Technology
STP   Standard Temperature and Pressure   Engineering
STP   Straight Through Processing   Engineering
SV   Schedule Variance    Management
SVA   Security Vulnerability Analysis   HSE
SWOT   Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats   Management
T&C   Term and Condition (Contract Document)    Management
T&D   Transmission and Distribution   General
TAM   Turnaround Maintenance   Operation
TAME   Tertiary Amyl Methyl Ether   Technology
TBA   To be Assigned   General
TBA   Tertiary Butyl Alcohol   Technology
TBD   To be Determined   General
TBE   Technical Bid Evaluation   Procurement
TBM   Tunnel Boring Machine    Construction
TCO   Transparent Conducting Oxide   Technology
TCP/IP   Internet Protocol Suite   Technology
TDI   Toluene Diisocyanate   Technology
TDS   Total Dissolved Solid    Technology
TEMA   Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association   Engineering
TEU   Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit   Procurement
TF   Task Force    Management
TFPV   Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cells   Technology
TFSC   Thin-Film Solar Cell    Technology
THAAD   Terminal High Altitude Area Defense   HSE
TIC   Total Investment Cost   Controls
TMO   Television Match Official   General
TNT   Trinitrotoluene,   Technology
TPI   Third Party Inspection   General
TPP   Trans-Pacific Partnership   Business
TPPA   Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement   Business
TQC   Total Quality Control   Quality
TQM   Total Quality Management    Quality
TR   Transformer (Electrical)   Engineering
TRIA   Temporary Refuge Integrity Analysis   HSE
UAT   User Acceptance Test   Quality
UCC   Universal Copyright Convention   Management
UDD   Utility Distribution Diagram   Engineering
UEF   United Engineering Foundation Inc.   Institute
UHD   Utility Head Diagram   Engineering
UKCS   UK Continental Shelf   Institute
UN   United Nations   Institute
UNEP   United Nations Environment Programme   HSE
UNESCO   United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Institute
UNFCCC   United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change   HSE
UNIDO   United Nations Industrial Development Organization   Institute
URS   User Requirement Specification   Engineering
USGS   United States Geological Survey   Institute
USPA   U.S. Postal Service    General
USR   User System Requirement   Engineering
USTR   U.S. Trade Representative   Institute
UT   Ultrasonic Test   Quality
UV   Ultraviolet   Technology
VA   Vibration Analysis   Quality
VAC   Variance at Completion    Controls
VAT   Value Added Tax   Business
VAU   Vendor Assembled Unit   Engineering
VDU   Vacuum Distillation Unit   Technology
VGO   Vacuum Gas Oil   Technology
VI   Visual Inspection   Quality
Vmp   Voltage at Maximum Power   Technology
VOC   Volatile Organic Compounds   Technology
VOC   Voice of Complain   Management
VOC   Voice of the Customer   Management
VRA   Voluntary Restraint Arrangement   Technology
VRU   Vapour Recovery Unit   Engineering
VT   Visual Testing    Quality
VX   O-ethyl S-[2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl] methylphosphonothioate Technology
WBS   Work Breakdown Structure   Management
WCO   World Customs Organisation   Procurement
WCS   Worst-Case Scenario   Management
WEC   World Energy Council   Institute
WEELs   Workplace Environmental Exposure Levels   HSE
WERA   Working Ergonomic Risk Assessment   Management
WHO   World Health Organization   Institute
WHRU   Waste Heat Recovery Unit   Engineering
WIPO   World Intellectual Property Organisation   Institute
WMO   World Meteorological Organization   Institute
WMS   Warehouse Management System    Procurement
WoV   Window of Vulnerability   Technology
WP   Work Package   Construction
WPC   World Petroleum Council   Institute
WTI   West Texas Intermediate   Technology
WTO   World Trade Organization   Institute
WWF   World Wide Fund for Nature   HSE
WWTU   Waste Water Treatment Unit    Engineering
www   World Wide Web   Technology
ZBA   Zero Balance Account   Business
ZEB   Zero Energy Building   Technology
ZIP   Zone Improvement Plan   General
ZPG   Zero Population Growth   Business